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  100 Years Orhan Kemal Symposium


7 Çukurova Çukurova Book Fair Exhibition Center Hall in the scope of activities TÜYAP"Orhan Kemal 100 Years"symposium was held.

7 Çukurova Çukurova Book Fair Exhibition Center Hall in the scope of activities TÜYAP"Orhan Kemal 100 Years"symposium was held. Adana MetropolitanMunicipality Deputy Chairman of 
Aldırmaz mind, watch from start to finish in his speech at the opening of the symposium participants and thanked the participants as a speaker at the symposium was. He does not care,"We never left alone, fairs Join our precious our friends, authors thank debt know. Art and artists to the sensitivity of the world ever so much more that is needed at a time when coming to Adana us for honoring'm very happy,"he said. 
symposium's opening speech, Culture Fair and Advisory Board Chairman Dogan Accel, the Orhan Kemal to understand just book reading is not enough to do, how an observer is, life how you look and how you live your need to learn, said:"Fair opened in the Orhan Kemal Exhibition ' the visit that the violence would recommend. realistic a writer where you run around, observing how the note had shed, then a novel, a story of what is transforming the way, to know that to understand it would be very helpful. Orhan Kemal's own life, that book is very important. A writer's they live, life novel read in a life's novels, story demonstrates how the most beautiful form reveals. Orhan Kemal my home favorite feature, his compassion is. novels told from people maybe hate it, but a good writer for tomorrow There is hope. A liberation hope is available. His novels when I read one, bogged down, hit the bottom of a person even improve the condition can be stood up, can faith do you protect,"he said. 
child Cycling alamayýnca wanted to commit suicide 
Nature Accelerated After the presentation, written and directed by Nabil Özgentürk"Memories of our art Deferme Department of Orhan Kemal"the documentary was shown. In the presentation Adanalı author Orhan Kemal's life was explained and the child to get bicycles for failing to commit suicide thinking, then for their children choose to live, because of his thoughts into the jail, observation, writing and never give up and 56 years old who lost their lives a writer's life snapshots were discussed. 
Immediately after this presentation,"Life and Eserleri'yl Orhan Kemal"panel was held. Cumhuriyet Newspaper Book Oct Editor Turhan Günay directed in the panel discussion Orhan Kemal's son Light Counselor with the author and Televizyoncu Nabil Özgentürk joined. 
Light counselor with his father reminisce and then be aware that the life of sections, then the from taking part in his father's novel etkinlen how to express that, the panelists rocked."His father could not get the bike child"as a Counselor Light said his father, himself, could not take 3 years after the bike reminded of the value of artists living and emphasized the importance of knowing. Counselor, he continued:
"I wish my father's artistry then the value if he got and live material, moral distress to endure we did not have. Turkey in general in our values, after the death kıymetleniy is. Then deserved value if he got and early had not died, now us if and the 100th birthday of heberab kutlas were. I would love to."
event ended with a question and answer session.