Jumhoori Publications - Pakistan - Farrukh Sohail Goindi - 10 Oct 2012


Orhan Kemalís novels in Pakistan





Orhan Kemalís literature is a true reflection of his own as well as collective life of Turkish people. He is a progressive writer who gives power of expression to dynamics of society associated primarily with its middle and lower strata. In simple words, Orhan Kemal exposes the rough and tragic sides of his society. His powerful and lucid pen has produced literature which is gaining more importance with the passage of time. This is the literature of a Civilization which ruled the continent for hundreds of years and is now a leading light for the Third World Countries. Instead of that of the elite, Orhan Kemal is the banner holder of peoplesí literature.


Writings of Orhan Kemal are simply new and fresh for the Pakistani public, but all the same he has started attracting our writers, intellectuals and opinion makers all alike. He is Gaining a foot-hold with each one of his books reaching the stalls. After Nazim Hikmet and Aziz Nesin, he is the third Turkish writer getting popular with the peoples of Pakistan.


Writing style of Orhan Kemal is impressive yet simple so translation of this book was not much difficult yet an interesting task. Comparatively Nazim Hikmet's letters and his poems were difficult to translate. The part of the book in which the writer has penned down his experiences with Nazim Hikmet not as a great poet and a great mind but a person who enjoys eating strawberries and becomes excited on getting a rabbit as a gift from his friend, is the most interesting part of the book.