Cumhuriyet - Culture - 18 October 2011


Turkish author's books translated into Chinese


Three novels of a Turkish author have been translated into Chinese under a Turkish cultural project.


ANKARA- Orhan Kemal's three novels "Avare Yillar" (Idle Years), "Cemile" and "Baba Evi" (My Fathers House) were translated into Chinese as part of TEDA project aiming to publish Turkish cultural, artistic and literature works in other languages.

Kemal's 33 books have been translated into 13 languages so far.

Born in the southern province of Adana in 1914 and died in Sofia in 1970, Orhan Kemal is known for his realist novels.

Kemal's first poem was published in Yedigun, and further poems were published in Yedigun and Yeni Mecmua in 1940.

His first story, "Bir Yilbasi Macerasi" (A New Year Adventure), was published in 1941. His first novel "Baba Evi" was published in 1949. After his death a novel award was arranged in his name (1971).

18 October 2011