Blogspot.com - Buşra Alptekin  - 11 Mart 2011




Last Saturday ı went to cinema with my cousin.Movies’ name is ’72.KOĞUŞ’. koğuş means ‘room in prison’. it includes very interesting-cathcy stages and some of them affected me much and when ı saw on my dream like nightmare, ı noticed that. Story is about connection between humanity and money, we faced stm cruel stm tragicomic point when we watched. 72.koğuş has prisoners,called 'adembabalar', have no money...they are always hungry, and have no clothes, no beds..they reminded me zombies. they are not normal. Moreover it was adapted from Orhan Kemal'S novel. According to movie we can easily notice that famine and poorness were prevailing almost all Turkey because of II.Word War (1940s). and there is a men in there Ahmet Kaptan,is a honest, pure and try to survive and to keep others alive, helped them in this situation. when a women(Fatma) prisoner came to the same place he fell in love seriously and his life and his decision changed for her, therefore he did sth that he believed it was wrong, but he did for her...aaannnnddd that is the most interesting stage that ı'm surprised , this women had never known nothing about him; what a unhappy point:( a lot of bad events they faced. at the end humanity died, Ahmet kaptan died with his dream;his mother, fatma and himself together, because of strong winter like other 'adembabalar'... seemingly I told almost whole movie but these all affected me more...and lastly ı may say the story or effects are not real, ı think that allis author's fantasy....