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Orhan Kemal: Our Universal Literature Treasure...

Orhan Kemal always looks at people with hope and optimism. There Is an "Orhan Kemal Look" In Turkish Fiction. He always believes that every person has a luminous, clean and humane side, against all odds,..
Orhan Kemal Museum is 10 Years Old
"Orhan Kemal Museum" was opened ten years ago. The museum was regarded as one of the best museums ot interest by Hurriyet newspaper. This museum which has International standards Is located in Cihanglr district ot Beyoglu. The "Ikbal Coftee Shop", where the visitors have a rest and have a talk with each other while having their teas and cottees is at the entrance ol the museum. The visitors can also review and buy Orhan Kernel's books In Turkish and in English, at "Ok Bookshop" beside the cotlee shop. You can also find souvenirs at the bookshop.

The home museum is a section of Orhan Kemal's life. When you are there, you feel as if he will come home dead tired soon, will go his study and will sit in front of his typewriter to finish his unfinished novel. The museum Is a living and breathing place.
It is possible to watch the author's life and friends through pictures at the museum. His father Abdulkadir Kemali's War ol Independence Medal, the "Mauser Rifle" given by Grand National Assembly of Turkey in memory ol the victory, his chain watch, the hundred years old Koran that he read. his diary and his book which was published abroad Increase the historical value of the museum more.
The first editions of Orhan Kemal's books, the books of studies about him and his books published abroad are exhibited in separate showcases. In another showcase, you can see the small objects he had used like his plate, his coffee cup, his fork, spoon and coffee grinder and some other objects.
The most Important section of the museum is the author's study. Here you can see his bed, desk, typewriter, books, clothes, the hand-written pages of his books named "Onemli Not" and "Vukuat Var" and (he mask made Irom his face on the day he died,
Orhan Kemal Museum is like a tunnel of literature and history. where the visitors can have a wonderful time and when they are about to leave, they can write their feelings to the book of honor and leave this simple but glorious museum with a brochure their hands.