ekomoni.com - Serdar Kılıçaslan - 25 Jun 2010




ISTANBUL (A.A) - "Cemile", a novel of renowned Turkish author Orhan Kemal, was published in Spain.

Orhan Kemal Culture Center released a statement and said "Cemile" was for the first time published in Turkey in 1952.

Spanish publishing house Takusan Ediciones published the novel "Cemile" in Spanish with the name of "Lejos de Estambul" within the scope of a project carried out by Turkish Culture & Tourism Ministry to support publishing of works of art of the Turkish culture, art and literature abroad.

Karen Eskenazi translated the novel into Spanish.

The novel narrates the story of Cemile, working in a textile mill, and clerk of the factory who wants to marry her. The novel is one of the autobiographical fictions of Kemal.

In the novel Kemal narrated tough living conditions of workers in a realistic way.

The statement said number of Kemal's novels published since 2000 abroad reached 23.

Orhan Kemal, whose real name is Mehmet Rasit Ogutcu, was born on September 15, 1914, in Adana and died on June 2, 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During his literary career, he wrote under various pseudonyms, including Orhan Rasit, Resat Kemal, Rasit Kemali, Hayrullah Guclu, Rustu Ceyhun, Ulker Uysal and Yildiz Okur, which is his daughter's name.

In 1970, The Writers' Union of Bulgaria and Romania invited Kemal to Sofia, Bulgaria and this is where he died from a hemorrhage of the brain. Just like the large families that he portrayed in his stories and his novels. Since 1972, Kemal's family has been holding a novel competition in order to introduce his humanist approach to new generations, and to honor new novelists of Turkish literature.