Rolf Knight - 1983





An annotated bibliography of left literature

Rolf Knight



ORHAN KEMAL (Mehmet Raşit Öğütçü)

Cemile, 1952 (Cemile)

A novel set in a textile factory in a small Turkish industrial town during the late 1930s and

1940s. Written from the perspective of one of the factory workers and portraying his life

and that of his friends and family. One of Orhan Kemal’s twenty-eight novels.

Grev, 1954 (Strike)

A novel about a strike by Ankara textile workers who attempt to reduce their twelve hour

work day and change the master-servant relations with employers. A struggle not only for

wages but also against the semi-feudal attitudes carried over from village society, which

some of the workers themselves still support. Based on Orhan’s experiences as a labour

union activist.

72 . Koğuş, 1958 (Cell Block 72)

Semi-fictionalized prison memoirs of left wing intellectuals and labour leaders imprisoned

for their opposition to the Turkish military regime of the mid 1950s.

Bereketli Topraklar Uzerinde, 1964 (Upon the Fruitful Earth)

A novel about the fates of migratory ex-peasant workers on the large commercial farms and

as casual construction and factory workers in the Turkish cities. Their third-class citizenship

in both locales, without either traditional or legislative security,and the exploitation to which

they are subject.

Once Ekmek, 1968 (Bread First)

A collection of stories about Turkish working people in cities and villages during the 1960s.