Londra Gazete - 12 June 2008 - News 

Famous Turkish author remembered in London

RENOWNED Turkish author Orhan Kemal was remembered at an event hosted by the Association of Turkish Women in Britain (Britanya Turk Kadinlari Dernegi) last Thursday.

Kemal’s son Isik Ogutcu was invited to attend the event and he paid tribute to his father on the 38th anniversary of his death.

He read out some passages from some of Orhan Kemal’s most famous works, as well as speaking on what his father meant to him.

“My father was always in front of a typewriter, writing something,” he said. “He died when I was 13 but I only discovered his books after he died and when I got involved in the opening of a museum dedicated to him in 2000. I was able to understand how he saw the world and how he treasured it. All his works were about how he saw the world through his eyes and experiences.”

He said that Orhan kemal  had also met with ‘Romantic Communist’ Nazim Hikmet when he was imprisoned in Bursa Jail and was so influenced by him that he even named his first child after the famous writer.

Mr Ogutcu also spoke about the work involved in organising and opening the museum dedicated to his father.

Among the audience listening to Mr Ogutcu was Bernev Alpdogan, wife of the Turkish Ambassador and Sunay Dizdar from the Turkish Consulate.