Today's Zaman - News - 5 Haziran 2008


Turkish author Orhan Kemal's novels published in Britain

Turkish author Orhan Kemal's novels published in Britain
Two novels by the late Turkish author Orhan Kemal have been published in Britain.

"My Father's House" (Baba Evi) and "Idle Years" (Avare Yıllar), the first two books of Kemal's semi-autobiographical tetralogy, have been published in English as a single novel.

Kemal's son Işık Öğütçü promoted the novel with a conference hosted by Turkish Ambassador to Britain Yiğit Alpogan yesterday.

Alpogan noted at the conference that several of Kemal's novels had been translated into Greek, Arabian and Hebrew.

Alpogan expressed hope that the other two novels of Kemal's tetralogy, "Cemile" and "Marriage" (Dünya Evi), would be translated into English and published in Britain soon.

The preface for the translation was written by Nobel Prize-winner Orhan Pamuk.

Orhan Kemal was the pen name of Mehmet Raşit Öğütçü (1914-1979). He was influenced by another famous Turkish author, Nazım Hikmet. Kemal's first poem was published in 1939, his first story in 1941 and his first novel in 1949.